Hi, I’m Dakota Quackenbush! I’m the Founder of Authentic Bay Area. I’m an Authenticity Coach and Group Facilitator located in San Francisco, CA. I care about making you feel seen and heard.

“If you don’t like how you are Being, you need to figure out what you want to do differently, now. “

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Relational Mindfulness: A Two Day Intensive

Current Regular Project(s) Where You Can Experience Me As A Facilitator:

  • Authentic Relating Games. The Center, SF.
  • Dating Authentically. The Center, SF.
  • Authentic Speed Friendships. The Center, SF.
  • The Connection Gym. HeartLab, SF.
  • T-Group for Business Professionals. Celo, SF.
  • Women’s Edition - Authentic Connection Club. Online.
  • ENM Speed Friending/Dating SF. Sycamore, SF. Bloom Community.

You can contact Authentic Bay Area at joinauthenticbayarea@gmail.com.

Current Offerings:

Space Holding - $300/Hr

My coaching style isn’t directive unless you want it to be. I operate as a mirror where I utilize the tools of reflecting, asking questions, and sharing impact. I believe that we all have inner wisdom that enables us to move beyond what our head thinks is possible. If requested, I can give advice, but I lean towards the idea that we are all our own best problem solver. You may not know how to get from A to Z, but I am confident that you know how to get from A to B. Let’s start there. You don’t have to be alone, I’m here to support your journey. Take my hand.

Group Facilitation (Public)- $300/Hr to start. / (Private) - $1,000/Hr to start.

When I’m facilitating any group, it is imbued with authenticity and vulnerability. I facilitate spaces that cultivate deeper connection between the participants. I aim to create enough safety as the facilitator to motivate those within the group to open up, get curious, and lean in. I currently lead game nights, friendship circles, dating events, women’s groups, and more. When requested, I facilitate at private gatherings and organizations. I’m open to your collaborative requests.

24-Hour Space Holding - $5,000/Day

Imagine if you had a 24/7 hype man as you’re walking through your day. Somebody who can be there to help push you through that next task, to talk out a problem, or to hold space for your anger or tears. I’m here for it, all of it so long as we are respecting each others boundaries. I’m here to be there with you while you rebuild your life or make it better than it already was. Let me support you to find what feels like YES to you. I’ve done everything from drive someone to treatment in another state to temporarily moving into their guest bedroom. Let’s change you.

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I am an active learner and teacher in the art of what it means to be human.

My background involves working with everyone from an unhoused individual having difficulty overcoming their addiction to the CEO struggling with how to connect to themselves. Through my private coaching and group facilitation, I have supported thousands of individuals to find that when you choose to see reality differently, how you experience the world changes. I support individuals to design an authentic life for living free from the prison of their mind.

We all have the answers to what we need when we learn to listen to our brain, body, and heart. Everything starts with awareness. I stand for normalizing your full range of human experiences and believe that authentic vulnerable connection should be the norm. You will know quickly by starting a dialogue with me that I care more about the why than the what when listening to you. I’m here to enable you to transform your life beyond anything you thought was possible.

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Psychological Personal Reflections